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Solutions for Affordable Healthy Food

Three Billion People Cannot Afford A Healthy Diet

In poor countries, people get their calories consumptions from starchy high-carbs food

The World’s Average Global Cost for a Healthy Diet USD 3.69/Day

Four times more expensive than the average diets

Stories & news about healthy food from around the world

Delicious is one thing, but Innovation is never just “a thing”

We're Here To Make Foodies Eat Better

This is how we define & bring

Our Solutions

into reality

Innovation is the engine for growth for us.
We analyze food ingredients via nutrients, supply chain insights, and more to help you discover the perfect ingredient for ketogenic product
We are aimed in organizing the product and ingredient research and development.
Our aim is to be part of the success for the tailored-and-independent food retailers. They feed the delicious taste in the kitchen. We got their back at the lab.
Collaboration is one of our main values to create impact.
We are small and efficient startup. We believe our best results are created in cooperation with suppliers, universities and specialist technology companies (e.g., SMEs and entrepreneurs).
Good Food BotaNize

Our R&D is focusing on food-ingredients that will accommodate a healthier choice for food producers without sacrificing the taste

Food Chain. BotaNize

Our company is focusing on a sustainable food supply chain. That means we will also work together with food farmers and traditional food retailers

preserving food BotaNize

Our company is also preserving the existence of food as part of heritage due to the sugar-tax policy and regulations implications

Milestone of our journey to bring affordable healthy food so far

First invention

Giancarlo Bucci has invented a zero sugar gelato in Faenza, Italy

Our First Commercial Use

The first prototype of zero sugar gelato by Giancarlo Bucci, named as KEgelaTo, is launched for commercial use

International Showcasing Event

First international Keto Gelato showcasing in Jakarta

B20 Summit Participation

B20 Summit (part of G20 Summit) - featured as the innovative food tech startups

Winning IDBP Hackathon

Featured as the food tech startups of IDPB Hackathon by East Ventures

Our existing and upcoming products for the healthy world

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A startup founded during the global pandemic in 2020 by a professional pilot, Giancarlo Bucci.  Giancarlo has been passionate about the science of food and a healthy way of living of ketogenic lifestyle.

In a small city in northern Italy, called Faenza, using his global knowledge and network, he had started a research on some projects in food-ingredients with ketogenic compliance.

Inspired and proud by the Italian tradition, Giancarlo has found the first formula for a ketogenic diet along with his team and food lab. The world’s first formula for zero-sugar gelato was invented during the global pandemic and the rising of sugar-tax policies.

The origin of our mission is to promote research, innovation and quality in the creation of a product of excellence of Italian artisan ice cream, while maintaining the taste of our ancient tradition.

 In the spring of 2020 in full lockdown, the need to gratify oneself with something sweet is growing, without feeling guilty.

Hence the idea of developing an innovative product: ketogenic ice cream.  Starting from a few notes on a sheet of paper, research and consultations with experts from all over the world, we arrive at the definition of the characteristics that this ice cream must have:
Be irresistible, rewarding, with top quality ingredients, but with only 1 gram of carbohydrate per serving.

The ice cream ke evokes the memory of a sensory experience between ice cream and those who taste it, reminiscent of “ke good !!”  “Ke tasty !!”.  Its name winks at modernity, it is a tribute to the future and a dream of well-being;  combined with a reality of Italian excellence, it aims to maintain sweetness and satisfaction without guilt for its own line.

“We believe in a history of innovation and development”
Keto Ice Dream is a young, lean company that has relied on innovation, in which technology and industrial skills merge with the secrets of the best artisan tradition.

The KE GELATO is a line prepared with certified organic ingredients;  with a container in biodegradable and fully compostable material we have made it a friend of nature.

Giancarlo Bucci

Giancarlo Bucci

Botanize Italia Srl.
President Director & Founder

Catherina Eridani

Catherina Eridani

PT Botanika Nusantara Abadi - Botanize Indonesia
CEO & Founder

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Solutions For Affordable Healthy Food

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